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: : I' m a Jewish Argentina family law professor who got across your site by mistake and its really beautiful. I haven't seen recent wedding photos in black and white  and I think they reflect the ritual in a sort of deeper way. Thank you for letting us enjoy them. Are you planning an exhibition in Buenos Aires? That would be very nice! Ida Scherman

: : Hi, I came across your website totally by mistake and ended up spending a lot of time looking through the pictures. So I thought I'll drop you a word saying I really enjoy your pictures. Thank you, Keren, Subres Animation, Brooklyn, NYC

: : I love your style, the way you capture life makes everything and everyone look beautiful. Even when you don't capture people at their best moments it still looks like art, a still frame of life. Mira (USA, Florida)

: : Lovely photos. We found them while looking for costume research and they have been most helpful. Aly and Joanne at the College of Dupage, Illinois.

: : Wow. I randomly found your site when searching for Jewish photography, and I thought it looked interesting so I looked through it. Your photography is amazing. It speaks to me and I feel like I have a connection with it. I loved the one of the little girl. I couldn't stop looking at it. Anyhow, I just wanted you to know the effect it had on me. Much love, Laura Diamond, Illinois, USA

: : Classic. I am left with no words:) Mayank, Bangalore, India

: : I hope the dog isn't dead in the Athens photo but it sure looks like it is. Animal Lover from Phoenix, Arizona

: : When I met you last spring (2005) I admit I thought you were just going around the university campus pretending to be some hotshot journalist from Europe. You gave me your website and I admit, I am indeed very much impressed! Keep it up. And do visit us again in Lebanon. Best, Kinda

: : First of all I'd like to thank you, Ben Eden. I'm a Canadian-born Iranian, 16 year old and I want to become a Photographer / Photojournalist as well. Your work truly inspired me and especially your photos of Iran and Isfahan. You really captured the essence and innocence of the Persian people and I applaud you for that. I hope to some day take photos remotely close to the level at which you have consistently done (from what I've seen in your online Portfolio). Once again, thank you for being an inspiration and thanks for being great. I'm sure traveling to Iran was not the easiest of tasks (I say this from experience as I have a 'Western' step mother). Yours Truly, Pajan K.

: : what a talent!! your website is fantastic, the images are absolutely amazing.. made my day and makes you think. kind regards, Jane Morgan

: : dear ben, you have photographed my mother, mrs. natanova in the prague jewish old age home few years ago. my mother died in the meantime, but the photograph and her heroic story remain with us. thank you for the lovely picture. yours jana marcus - natanova, jerusalem

: : Dear Ben, i am currently doing a photography course for my A-levels, so whilst searching for photojournalists i found your photos very inspirational and beautiful. I hope to be doing what you do someday! Thanks, Madeleine Quested

: : Ben! Ma nishma? I'm jewish in china. For sure! All the photos make me impressed. Do you plan to make an exhibition in china? I want to see what the imagery if you show all photos on the great-wall! MAZLTOV! Johnny Lu, China

: : Ben, What great images, you do photography great!! Jim Pollick LaGrange, IL, USA

: : Hallo Ben, ich bin's, Astrid, Silvias Trauzeugin. Es war schön, Dich in Sirmione kennengelernt zu haben. Du bist nicht nur ein SUUUUPER Fotograf, sondern auch ein ausgezeichneter Tänzer, wie wir alle mit Vergnügen festgestellt haben..... Alle Deine Tanzpartnerinnen waren hin und weg. Liebe Grüße auch von Alina und Arianna, und wir freuen uns schon wahnsinnig auf Deine Fotos. Astrid

: : I have your site bookmarked. I keep going back to it. I love the Prague Jews project. They are faces I will never forget! Lisa Peacock

: : You do a great job of capturing true people showing true emotion and bringing the viewer into the photo, emotionally. Great work! Henry Westheim

: : great artwork ben! greetings from manila phils.

: : Sevgili Ben Muhtesem fotograflarini bizlerle paylastigin icin cok tesekkurler. eline ve yuregine saglik. Josef

: : ...these pics melt me and make think over simpe big things and moments of life. Thank you for this view. Martin

: : Followed you link from EP list... surveyed the portraiture and documentaries of the Lifebook Project. I wept. Craig Pulsifer

: : Hi, Ben; this is sara from gent. I went to your site and liked your pictures very much, nice work. Many greetings,

: : Nazdar Bene, tak jsem se podivala a jo, jsi fotograf. Nazdar bazar! Sabrina

: : Great great work Ben!!! Greetings from Northeastern Italy!

: : Ahoy, Ben. You are molodec. I like your photographs and I hope to open you exhibition in Moscow. Alexei Rogov

: : nazdar... co mam po vsech tech oslavnych proslovech psat ?! neni to spatne, vzdyt muj nazor znas. v dubnu budu mit trochu vic casu, chceme se videt? (hehe-bohuzel nejsem zadna slecna, ale im)

: : we like your photos Aida and Tanja


: : I have looked at the pictures and Im very impressed. Impressed also that someone takes time to make short stories about the old jewish people. Michal Nadjarova

: : Dear Ben, cant wait to meet you again and make some great pictures. Your work is marvelous, I love the way you make it!! GLuck with the exhibition. *Putri

: : ben, your photos are stunning!! orange of the online discussion group

: : You have a wonderful eye for capturing life. I'm a commercial art photog in the US and saw your site on mail from the ADD group. You have a powerful style of communication. Keep shooting!


: : Ich habe von Ihrer Internetseite von meiner Freundin Esma erfahren. Wunderschoene Bilder! Wie kommt man an Ihre Fotos? Gibt es eine Monografie oder vielleicht ein Kalendar mit diesen Fotos? Besonders gefallen uns (Esma und mir) die Fotos der aelteren Frauen.

: : Nous avons beaucoup apprecie vos photos ma femme et moi . Nous sommes de simples amateurs sans experience en photographie. La force et le realisme des divers environnements photographies laisse percevoir la dimention reel du lieu photographié. un vrai

: : This is a wonderful exhibit and fascinating for its timelessness. One gets the feeling that some of these pictures could almost have been taken before the war, and that is a very strange, almost disturbing feeling. Thank you! - Sophia Coudenhove

: : Thanks for the lovely photos to remind me of my dear days in Central and Eastern Europe. I was based in Praha for a few months, and traveled through Poland and Hungary as well. Beautiful, Erika Bai Siebels

: : DEAR BEN, Your work is admirable! I looked briefly at the pictures (i must meet a friend) but I noticed it is so special. I'll be back for some longer peaks soon. you can reach me at


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