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International reportage wedding photography by Ben Eden



: : Hi Ben. Not sure how you did it but you exceeded both our expectations. We are both delighted at the photographs you did for us. As a perfectionist myself these are amazing and of the highest standard and I take my hat off to you. We have sent the link to family and some friends as we feel the proofs capture the day as we remember it. Some of the comments included "best wedding photos I have ever seen" "1920's vogue" "Amazing" "Wish I was there" "Very different to the usual wedding photos and interesting to look at" "beautiful" "you both look so happy and relaxed" Plus many more, not had one negative comment and the black and white is perfect. Again we would both like to thank you for all your hard work and company on the day and getting the proofs to us on Friday, perfect timing and Nathalie's family was amazed. We now have the difficult task of selecting images we would like as prints. They all deserve a place on our wall to be honest. An early favorite is the one with the graffiti on the wall and Nathalie with her feet under the water hose. Regarding using you as a photographer in the future on projects sounds brilliant and more than a possibility. I worked with plenty of studio photographers who have all the lighting, state of the art equipment, make-up artist, props and technicians and still failed to deliver one good shot. I'm confident we will get to work together. Speak soon and I'm sure we will keep in contact. Kind Regards Phil & Nathalie, Leeds, UK

: : Dear Ben, Firstly, thank you for all of your hard work on our wedding day, and for getting the photographs to us in such good time. Secondly, we absolutely love the shots and everyone agrees that you did a fantastic job. We have referred people to our link. Once again, many thanks and it was a pleasure meeting you. Have a great summer. Best wishes Alison & Ben, United Kingdom

: : Hi Ben, I have downloaded the pictures. They are absolutely great! I love them and you did such a wonderful job of capturing that day for us. I am so grateful for all the work you did. I will always cherish those pictures. Thanks! Jennifer Lambert Dutton, Atlanta, GA

: : Hi Ben, I have just came across your web page and I think your work is great. Original and beautiful. I love the images of the Prague Jews, very moving. I come from the Czech Republic so it reminds me of home. Good work. I am a Documentary Photography student in Newport South Wales and you are an inspiration. Magdalena Turner, Newport, Great Britain

: : I have just spent about 2 hours looking through photos on your website and I love your work - your wedding photos are beautiful and full of life, so far from traditional, staid, "wedding album" pictures. Thank you! Katie, Mill Hill, London

: : Dear Ben, We've been meaning to email you to let you know that we think the wedding photographs you took came out wonderful. Our family and friends have very much enjoyed viewing the photographs online. Thanks again for the wonderful photographs. We hope to hear from you soon, Joseph and Laura, Toledo, Ohio

: : Hi Ben, As a lecturer in photography I am constantly looking for examples of good photography to help inspire my students. I think I have found this in your work. I am very impressed with your image making skills and the sensitive control you have with the medium (sorry sounds a bit like giving a student feedback!)

Anyway just to let you know I will be giving your web address to my students as an example of really good documentary/social photography. Thanks for sharing this with us all. Alan Kent, Blackpool College, UK

: : Sorry it has been awhile since we were in touch – the fall was really hectic for both of us. So, let me start by saying how great the proofs are; you wonderfully captured the energy, beauty, and joy of the day(s). We’ve enjoyed sharing the weblink with family and friends. (It’s also fun that we made your website.) Jim (and Leslie), New York City

: : Thanks, Ben! My undergraduate was in photography and it's fine work like yours that reminds me that I should be picking up a camera more often! Peter S, Rochester

: : Dear Ben, The photos are amazing. They are much better than I expected. Brilliant! I sent some to my friends and they love them. One of them told me that: "When I looked at the photos I felt like watching a Meg Ryan film." Thank you once more. Take care. Ciao, Meral, Istanbul, Turkey

: : Thanks for the pictures. they are phenomenal. Really great... Rikki and I really enjoyed reliving the day through everyone's expressions. We are still baffled at how you managed to catch all of them so well. Thanks a million. The pictures look better than we could have imagined. They really tell the story of the day... Nicholas, Washington, DC

: : Hey Ben, Just wanted to thank you again for everything. We are so excited to see the prints and to see which one you chose to blow up. I hope that all is well in Prague and that you are enjoying your time there. I also can't tell you enough how many compliments we have received on your photographs (the online ones). They are just fabulous. Thanks again. Take care. Rikki

: : Dear Ben: We have been out of town for the holidays, so I apologize for the delay in responding. Between us guys, I was previously married to a Miss Colorado. I also did a (very) little modeling. I don't say this to impress you, but to impress upon you that I have had enough photos taken of me to last a lifetime.

In my prior life, I had 500 guests and the best photographer in Denver. We had over 500 posed photos taken at that wedding. I hate posed photos and I hate posing for them. For these reasons, I was against a wedding photographer this time around. The strange part is I still love photography and am something of an amateur photography buff. I LOVE your photos.

The candid shots, unusual angles, great lighting without the interruption of flashes, and "documentary" feel of your photos add to the charm. Furthermore, you really felt like one of our guests rather than a hired photographer, which is perhaps the greatest compliment I could give you.

Again, thank you for the wonderful job! You are truly an artist. Since I view you as one of our new friends and guest from the wedding, you are most welcome to stay with us in Colorado anytime you can manage a visit. Warmest regards, M.P., Denver

: : These are brilliant! We cannot tell you how pleased we are with your work. You completely captured the essence of the day - how blissfully happy we were. They are more than we could have hoped for. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

The honeymoon was a dream, we returned on Friday afternoon and spent most of the evening looking at the proofs. They are all so amazing we are having difficulty choosing our favourites. This week we are moving to our new home. Is it okay if we get back to you next week? We want to take our time over the proofs and we will be able to give you our new contact details then. Kindest regards, Naomi & Richard, Mayfair, London

: : As we are looking for photographers (and after looking at your website again) we are realizing that no-one holds a candle to you and your work! I am wondering if we could speak about the potential of your coming stateside to be our photographer.

I know that it would be quite a trip, and I don't know if we could afford you, but I wanted to open the conversation. We are having a Shabbaton Wedding, Sept. 9-11. Our wedding day itself is Sept. 11th (we are reclaiming the day). Please let me know if you if you are available and interested in talking about this further. Dasee Berkowitz, Manhattan, NYC

: : Dear Ben, Hi, hope all is well, and the summer rush has subsided! Firstly, apologies in the delay in getting back to you about the proofs - we have both been extremely busy, and I am currently under the weather with tonsillitis!

Secondly, we both loved the proofs! Some of our friends and family have seen them, and think they are really wonderful. You have an amazing eye for detail, and are clearly a talented artist. So thank you for the great pictures and memories, it was worth the wait!

By the way, my dear grandfather who came to the wedding passed away a couple of weeks ago at the grand age of 90. I will be so happy to have the lovely photo you took of him at the wedding, so thank you for that. Best wishes, Gira, London UK

: : A very large number of beautiful wedding photographs, both colour and B&W. Ben has not just cherry-picked the best photos from his portfolio, he's put whole albums of many events online. It's easy to show 50 nice photos from 50 weddings, but to show this many great photos from each event is truly impressive. Ben's site is a must if you're into the Leica-style photojournalistic look. Darren Collins, Kiama, Australia

: : We spent ages looking though the various photos (wedding and non-wedding!) on your website last night and both love your work. I'm a huge fan of reportage photography in general, and yours is some of the best I've seen. Sarah and Fraser, UK / New Zealand

: : Shalom from Poland! I happened to wander into your pages while looking for Jewish wedding inspiration. I'd love to have you take my wedding photos;-) Josephine

: : Ben - As a practitioner of "wedding photojournalism" I must say your work is awesome. We need more like you. But I especially like seeing your misc. documentary and travel images. It's fun to see Prague (my fave city thus far), London, or New York through the eyes of another photographer! David Hill

: : Hallo Ben, sollte ich irgendwann eine Hochzeit haben, so kommst nur Du als Fotograf in Frage !!! Herrliche Fotos ... Aviva

: : Dear Ben, Been meaning to write for so long and kept putting it off in the hope of writing you a massive long proper letter. Now I'm sprinting off in a minute but want to at least give sign of life and tell you how excellent the photos are on the website. I was in London when I got them and Sophia the bridesmaid and I giggled with glee as we looked through them.

What a fantastic job you did putting the wedding pics on the website. You are awesome! New York is treating us very well - we're moving house at the end of the month - we hope to east 12th street. Keep in touch. Sorry this is so rushed but will write properly soon. Big hug, Sophia

: : Hi Ben, I am without words after seeing your photos. They are absolutely incredible and I think we're going to have a hell of a time trying to choose them! Seriously - we are astounded by the quality and your version of the most special day of our lives. Thank you so much for coming to Paris and making sure the memories stay with us forever. Hope to hear from you soon, Natalie and Christian

: : Your wedding album is a real eye-opener. I love the idea of a "documentary" approach, which is very refreshing compared to the creaky poses one sees a lot of. Rabbi David Lister, Muswell Hill Synagogue, London

: : Ben, thank you for capturing our wedding so beautifully. Your photographs have been the subject of many compliments from family and friends - we feel lucky to have found you. Keep in touch. Best wishes, Caroline & Daniel, London

: : I say for everybody that you have clever head and quick reaction. Thanks for this new project. Alexei Rogov, Moscow

: : Really beautiful, bravo! Pamiela Law, Italy

: : Very very nice said the man in the crowd, who happens to work with M leica on weddings too. Had all kinds of weddings but never a Jewish yet, so double interesting!! Thanks for getting a peek at your work. Yours Henrie Lodewijk, Slovenia

: : Ben: Nice work! Me and my fiancé are planning a bohemian Jewish wedding to take place during the carneval in Rio de Janeiro next year. We like your candid style and wanted to ask if you might be interested and were available to join us in Brazil for several days of samba combined with klezmer:) We plan on around 200 guests and intent to keep the event intimate and original. Best regards, Julianne Ducharme - San Francisco

: : Hi Ben, I hope that you are not too exhausted after the Paris-London journey. I finally have a moment to write and thank you for all of your hard work and support during the wedding festivities. Needless to say, you impressed both my Mum and Dad and Marianne who all had lovely things to say about you and your professionalism.

I want to thank you for putting me at ease during those few moments I panicked. You know I didnt even notice you half of the evening which shows how discretely you work a room. Sam said she saw you capture some very tender moments. Jana, Paris, France

: : Fantastic photos Ben! Jack from Jerusalem

: : Ben, hello! I have stumbled across your site while searching on the internet. Your pictures speak for themselves. I have enjoyed the featured weddings very much. All I can say is that I wish I had you as my wedding photographer - 20 years ago:) Best, A. Heimann, New York

: : This is wedding photojournalism at its best. Wonderful work. David Schneider, Photographer, London, UK

: : These wedding pictures are as beautiful as ever. I immediately recommended you to an American friend who's getting married next year but they had already found someone. Well, all I can say is that they don't know what they're missing! Milena Maric, Sarajevo

: : J'étais allée voir votre site, certaines de vos séries de photos, en particulier celle des mariages. Je les trouve belles, et pleines de sens. On a envie de continuer à imaginer la vie de ces personnes, sans avoir le sentiment que c'est une intrusion illégitime. Celle des mariés japonais en particulier m'a rappelé le film avec Audrey Hepburn, Vacances Romaines (Roman Holidays en VO)! Amitiés, Marine, Paris

: : Hi Ben, I have downloaded the wedding pictures. They are absolutely great! I love them and you did such a wonderful job of capturing that day for us. I am so grateful for all the work you did. I will always cherish those pictures. Thanks! Jennifer, Atlanta, Georgia


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